Ai no Koe

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Collection of 5 oneshots: Story 1: A popular female teacher at a school goes home and has to deal with her noisy next door neighbor. (She can hear him doing you-know-what with the various girls he brings into his apartment). She has to knock on his door and tell him to quiet down almost every night. One morning, as she’s leaving from her apartment she sees her next door neighbor and he’s wearing a student uniform from the school she teaches at!!! Whaaat?!!! (lol) Story 2: At a high school reunion, a girl sees a close guy friend she had in high school and hadn’t seen for a long time. They leave the reunion together and he tells her about his girlfriend who hasn’t done it with him yet. He asks the girl if she wants to do it with him that night and she agrees. This reminds her of their high school days, when the guy was dumped by his girlfriend and when she went to comfort him they ended up doing it for the first time and become sex friends from that day on. Is high school going to repeat itself all over again? Story 3: A girl has a boyfriend who lives with her in her apartment. However, he hits her and mistreats her. And she just takes it. She also know he cheats on her, but she fools herself into thinking he isn’t. Will she just take it forever? Story 4: A business office man hasn’t had a relationship in a long time and he’s lonely. He joins an online dating service and meets with a girl one night. She looks really young, but she tells him she’s in her 20s. They have a nice date and go their separate ways. However, a few days later she calls him and tells him she has no where to stay and no friends except him. He let’s her stay with him, but can he open his heart to her? And her real age is?? Story 5: A young guy is university art student. He lends his guy friend a CD and his friend breaks it. In repayment, his friend brings him a girl and he tells the art student guy he can do whatever he wants with her for a night. The girl is unresponsive. The art student notices she does whatever his friend tells her to. And he also notices his friend also let’s other guys ’borrow’ her. Why does she let him do this to her?

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