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A collection of one-shots. 1) Two boys are at odds with each other-- The trigger towards hot, gay sex? Eaten pudding and a girl with pigtails. 2) Jun confesses to the one he likes, only to be told he doesn’t want to be with someone ’inexperienced’. Therefore, foreplay, a promiscuous boy, determination and jealousy lead to hot gay sex. 3) A group of classmates play chocolate roulette - a game of roulette which includes Guarana chocolate, which has the effect of an aphrodisiac. When Ogasawara draws it, his classmate cooperates to release his desire. [Prequel to Mix Mix Chocolate chapter 1.] 4) A very popular student uses his classmate to evade his girlfriends. But once girl gets angry and hits the classmate, then the hero takes him to the school infirmary, where bottled-up feelings leads to a confession.. and then some. 5) At a school festival, the right of Shimohira is put for auction. He is bought by the boy in which he had rejected a few years prior. After the revelation that the feelings once confessed still lingered, Shimohira reveals something rather surprising... 6) A tedious rich son orders his servant to preform an -ahem- lude task, which leads to something more. [YUMMY SHOTA] 7) A student decides to blindfold the one he likes, seducing him, all the while refusing to reveal his identity. Rather hot, gay sex ensues.

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