Aka to Kuro no Kairitsu

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Compilation of short stories: ? Red and Black Commandments *Original Sin Rolf had an idealist father. He had never cared before about the Fuhrer or serving his country nor his duty. It was his father who pushed him to serve and die for Germany. Then one fleeting afternoon, he saw an SS officer, the other man called him by name, Heinz Schumann. That was the time that he realized what he was missing all along. Love. He worked hard and rose from the ranks, until he was side by side with the one person who had awakened his sleeping senses, Major Heinz Schumann now Rolf is a lieutenant and during the course of their meeting and working together, he discovered that the major is also following him with his eyes. What would happen if they both realized what these stolen glances and hidden looks mean? What will happen to them if they were discovered? Would they be willing to die together or die because of the other?

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