Because Your Majesty Is A Beast

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Because Your Majesty Must Be a Beast / His Majesty Is a Beast of All of a Sudden / 폐하가 하필 짐승이라서
Bella, the woman who saved the dying beast. At that time, I didn't know that he would change his life like this… Khan, a man who contacted Bella, who was about to leave the country and run away. Unlike his untamed energy, his movements were sweet. His whisper that he will change her shabby life was also sweet. "Let me heal you." "Follow me." If you take one more step, you can hold his hand... Misunderstandings accumulate before even holding his hand. Meeting again, he was no longer an animal, but an emperor. "Are you going to be the crown prince?" "Khan, I just..." His question that I dare not answer. And... "That night. You shouldn't have saved me. You should have let me die." It had been a long time since the appearance of a relentlessly sweet man to repay his kindness had disappeared. “You saved a dying kitten. You never know how the beast will bite you.”

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