Becoming The Legendary Concubine

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People have never been kind about Mikiko's looks. In an effort to change that, she gets plastic surgery and transforms into a woman of unrivaled beauty, but is killed in an accident the same day. She wakes up in the Tang Dynasty of ancient times, taking over the life of legendary concubine, Yang Guifei, who had just been assassinated by Consort Wu Huifei, a villain who intends to make herself and the emperor's son, Shou Wang, successors to the throne. Yang Guifei was later named one of the Three Beauties of the World and in historical fact, although she was once married to Shou Wang, Yang Guifei becomes Emperor Xuanzong's beloved consort. However, Mikiko, who replaces Yang Guifei, finds herself confronting the power struggles of the inner palace and the hidden romance between her and the "fake emperor" Shou Wang, something buried in the depths of history.

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