In a passionate relationship

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절찬 연애중

At the young age of 34, there was a man who rose to the position of head of production for an advertisement company. ' Kim Yoon' is a perfect man who has not only abilities but also an appearance that can beat celebrities but he had one flaw..." Secretary Yang ". Seo Yu's lips trembled, this man is starting again. However she answered politely without a sign of annoyance on her face, " Yes general manager...I'll tell you the truth from now on ". A fierce battle between a four dimensional boss who is full of pride and an arrogant and indifferent secretary. Can these two really fall in love ?

How to Win the Secretary's Heart / In A Romantic Relationship / Extraordinary Dating / In a Passionate Relationship / In Love with Admiration / In Love with Rave Reviews / 절찬 연애중 / 절찬연애중

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