It’s my first time getting married

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저도 결혼은 처음이라서요

“Ahn Do-woon. Will you marry me?” Yeon-Bora, the CEO of the popular wedding shop Violet. Propose to national actor Ahn Do-woon! Bora was abused and discriminated against at home because of her parents wrong marriage. By chance, she ran into Dowoon, the opponent of her cousin Jiyoung, who was the target of discrimination. I'm having a one-to-one accident. "I'm sorry. I was short on my thoughts. So it's all about nothing..." “Yeon Bo-ra. I will accept the proposal .” This man immediately accepts the proposal he received while meeting for the first time. What is it...? Bora, who wants to cancel the proposal, and Dowoon, who wants to lead the marriage. Will Bora be able to get this proposal back?
저도 결혼은 처음이라서요

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