Princess of Doom

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파멸의 공주님

The Demon King, Kaon broke the taboo and tried to revive his dead lover. However, the magic went beyond his expectations and created a new existence, a little girl who looked exactly like his dead lover. However, her soul was that of a Korean woman, "Lee Eun".

The Demon King tried to kill the child and failed. Hence, he thought that it was related to the will of his deceased lover. As such, he made her a princess. And that was how "Luciana Road Moon Bloodlane", a combination of the power of mankind's greatest magician, "Asela", and the Demon KIng, Kaon, was born.

But that was the Demon King's position!
Lee Eun had suddenly fallen into another world on the very day she had won the lottery!

"Send me back! I could've been happy in the modern world!"

But why am I liking this place more and more?
What is the prophecy of destruction?

In a world full of secrets, you'll meet friends and family, forging friendship and love that didn't exists in the modern world. A new world unfolds and the even the pain of the past is healed.

"Asela, tell me why."

Tell me why we met.

파멸의 공주님 / The Adorable Princess of Doom / Princesa de la Perdicion / Princess of Doom / 灭亡的公主 / 파멸의 공주님

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