Say the spell, Rose!

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Tell Me Your Order, Rose! / 주문을 말해, 로즈!
Even if you roll in a dog poop field, you're better off moving. A Joseon slave named 'Kangbun' became a compatriot while climbing the mountain to live under the command of the Great Gamma. "Sa, save me!" Is anyone there?" "Like this... I don't want to die in vain like this!!" The moment she thought she was dead, she open her eyes in a luxurious mansion. Archmage Cassia, the owner of the mansion, and her disciple Noah appear in front of Kangbun and ask her to return... "A week. After that, I will send you back to the original world." “…I’m… a slave.” "...I don't want to go back to that kind of life where if I don't catch fish in the snowy mountains in the middle of winter, I'll be beaten until I faint!" "I want to live!" "Please accept me as a student!" I will never be defeated this time. The growth period of Kangbun, a weed-like child who stands up no matter how much she got steps on.

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