The Goal is to be Self-made

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My Goal is to Achieve Success on My Own / 목표는 자수성가입니다

My Goal is to Achieve Success on My Own / 목표는 자수성가입니다

“Your Grace the Duke, please marry me.”

When I woke up, I was in a game world.

But the problem is that I became a supporting character that was to be sacrificed to break the hard mode.

There is only one way out of this situation.

Marry the Eastern Grand Duke Sedrick Etzel, avoid a predetermined death, quickly earn a lot of money and become self-made!

[!] Crafting Skills (Legendary level/Hidden level)
[!] Under the influence of your skills, great ideas are rushing into your head!
[!] Let’s start crafting !
Fortunately, the hidden level skills exist only for me,

“It’s my job, but thank you for caring so much.”

“It’s my job, too. You said it yourself, an Etzel never forgets to reciprocate. So you should always reach out to me.”
I have a more cooperative contract husband than I thought. Exceeding the goal seems to be completely possible!

Here comes the player, lay down the money path!

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