The Peach of June

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June peaches / 유월의 복숭아 / The Peach Of June

June peaches / 유월의 복숭아 / The Peach Of June

Leah has been dreaming of a happy marriage. She had two relapses, but both times her happy marriage was over. When she made her third regression, she was determined that she would never marry again. Even though she is so determined, she keeps seeing a man named Julien whom she talked to before her marriage. Julien’s proposal, approached by his handsome face and kind side, eventually shook her up. Then she wrote her vows and got married again. After her marriage, while she was enjoying her honeymoon in Julien’s mansion, she discovers traces of herself that she did not know as she enters Julien’s secret room that he had been hiding from her and her curiosity.

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